Aerial ladder with ground access

Looking for an efficient telescopic insulated ladder to reach the highest peaks? Our RH38DGA has a "gooseneck" design and a three-section ladder that can be extended to 38 feet (11.58 m)! If your business needs access to the ground, this product is what you need.

What makes it unmatched on the market?

  • The basket has a side door, allowing you to climb in from the bumper or from the ground.
  • Its second section contains a lifting eye that allows you to raise up to 250 kg (550 lbs) (opt.) in any position and from any angle.
  • Thanks to its 3-section design, your unit is more stable and rigid when deployed, making it much easier to use. For more precision, ask about our two-speed option.
  • This product has a maximum amount of storage space, payload, and basket capacity in accordance with our HR standards.
  • These capacities vary depending on the vehicle.
  • To facilitate quick evacuation in any position, our electric unit can be mounted on different frames and is designed with a pivoting platform at the base of its ladder.
  • The insulated ladder allows working from the basket close to the power lines.

Competitive advantages!

Maximized interior space

Maximized interior space

Without a pedestal immediately in the center of the truck, the RH Internal Deck's clever design allows for simple access to a sizable central storage area. Plus, shelving and storage can be customized to suit all your needs.


No power take off

No power take off

With a system that is entirely independent of the vehicle, the ladder even works when the vehicle is stopped, which is incredibly convenient! A hybrid system can even be installed as an optional green solution, to cut down on time, carbon footprint, and cost.

Wireless remote control

Wireless remote control

To give your operators greater freedom to work, our rugged wireless remote controls use advanced and incredible algorithms to ensure unparalleled safety and operation!

Battery operated

Completely independent from the vehicle this boom ladder operates off its own battery pack which means no emissions when an operation and no PTO needed.

Advanced design & engineering

Made of military-grade aluminum, the aerial lift's strength, lightness, and durability are incomparable! Equipped with a 46Kv Class C insulated boom ladder too.

High precision manufacturing

Its factory-made design, which utilizes waterjet, laser cutting, and robotic welding technology to encourage high precision and eliminate errors, sets it apart from other machines.


* Informations shown can vary depending on truck and/or options ask a representative for more details

Est. working height (A)
11.58m (38')
Horizontal reach (B)
8.07m (26’6'')
Length (retracted) (C)
4.27m (14'6'')
Interior width (D)
49 cm (19")
Bucket capacity
159 kg (350 lbs)
Lifting ring
250 kg (550 lbs)
360° continuous (opt.)
Elevation degrees
-10° to 80°
Approx. weight
498 kg (1190 lbs)
GVWR min. required
4309 kg (9500 lb)
Hydraulic pressure
20684 kPa (3000 psi)

Important note:

This type of aerial ladder must be installed on vehicles whose GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating) is greater than 9,500 lbs (4,309 kg). Outriggers are generally not required. However, given the variety of configurations possible, outrigger requirements must be confirmed by means of stability tests performed on your bucket truck.

The same applies to the bucket’s load-carrying capacity (in other words, the maximum weight authorized to be carried in the bucket). Specifically, this telescoping ladder is rated to carry 350 lbs (159 kg); however, its actual load-carrying capacity depends on the carrier vehicle.

We encourage you to contact Robert Hydraulique to obtain more information on the restrictions and factors to be taken into account when installing RH telescoping aerial ladders so that you can meet the highest standards in quality and safety.

*** Always ensure that you are complying with all local regulations when installing bucket-equipped aerial ladders. Robert Hydraulique is not responsible for installations performed outside of its production facilities

Vehicle selection



Get a 100% electric solution

The 100% electric vehicle (vehicle and aerial ladder), which is comfortable and equipped with the latest technologies, is ideal for urban people. It also perfectly meets the green criteria of the most ecological among us, by not producing greenhouse gas!

Did you know? By choosing an electric vehicle you have access to subsidies, which can lower the purchase price.

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Highly reliable solution

The gas vehicle is the best option for long-distance drivers since it is a dependable car that performs well for lengthy road trips and lets you refuel anywhere, which is quite convenient!

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