About Lift UP

About Lift UP

Lift UP is a B2B sales force for RH aerial lift equipment across the United States.

Our distributors fully embrace Lift UP values so that they can offer service that exceeds customer expectations and needs. We prioritize accessible, professional, and personalized customer service. Each piece of Lift UP equipment is double and triple-examined for safety and operation because the security of our clients is our top priority!

The vision, mission and values that drive us

Our mission is to be the sales force for distinctive, specialized and, above all, high-quality lifting equipment! Through our company model, which is built on providing great customer service, technical training, and the development of a trustworthy and genuinely effective customer service network, we hope to add value for you. Building long-lasting trusting relationships based on win-win strategies is our leitmotiv.

Our goal is to provide you with high-quality items based on your current and future lifting equipment needs. We also want to make sure that our products are always available throughout the United States. Furthermore, our core motivation is to create long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients and suppliers.

Introducing Lift UP to the U.S. market, developing a strong collaboration with many distributors, and working with them to ensure profitable growth and success for all is what we desire most.

Our 5 core values

  • Responsibility
  • Collaboration
  • Commitment
  • Integrity
  • Respect